2017 Annual Review
2017 Annual Review

Finding opportunity amid disruption

In the autumn of 2017, we held a coordinated seminar series, “Making sense of a fragmenting world,” in three cities to help clients and colleagues navigate a shifting global landscape.


Our 26th annual “Back to Business” seminars in Tokyo explored ways the region can remain competitive despite the fragmentation. Moderated by lawyers from our Tokyo office and featuring panelists from the most influential companies in the Asia-Pacific region, sessions covered global trends in energy transformation and transition, the impact of smart devices, and ways markets are moving together—or apart—following the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and Brexit. The event was capped by a performance by famed Japanese calligrapher Aoi Yamaguchi, whose work inspired our global recruiting rebrand.



Our London seminars examined changes in important industries and markets from the perspective that those who recognize both risks and opportunities may find the near future a time of synergy. One seminar explored the non-performing loan (NPL) market in Southern Europe and how it is adapting to changing circumstances. Another reviewed the nature of contracts affecting the liquefied natural gas (LNG) market and whether there is a shift to shorter and more flexible contracts for an LNG market becoming more global, transparent and tradeable. A panel discussed the likely rise of securities litigation and follow-on actions and their implications for those involved in listing securities in the United Kingdom. And a final event demystified cybersecurity risk management, and revealed its growing threat
to UK and global business.


New York

Our New York series examined how interconnectedness and fragmentation affect global industries, even in the area of emerging technologies. Sessions included an energy panel offering a global perspective on the forces affecting sales and purchases of energy assets, financing transactions and compliance; a cyber ethics panel discussing the adoption of cutting-edge technology solutions in the workplace while meeting legal and professional responsibilities in today’s landscape of growing cyber threats; and a trade panel in which noted author and globalization expert Richard Baldwin offered an intriguing framework for interpreting world events.



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