The GDPR and blockchain: co-existing in contradiction?

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To what extent do existing laws like the GDPR apply to new technologies like blockchain? Should blockchain be regulated in a specific manner?

The adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) fundamentally altered the legal landscape in the European Union and beyond with respect to data protection. Although the GDPR has created some challenges for the adoption of blockchain technology, these challenges are not necessarily insurmountable.

White & Case associate John Timmons and partner Tim Hickman consider this issue in GLI's Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Regulation 2020 book. Their chapter, 'Blockchain and the GDPR: Co-existing in contradiction?', explores the interface between new technology and existing laws and the extent to which the new technology needs specific regulation.

This article was first published in the GLI to: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency 2020.

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