Getting the Deal Through - Electricity Regulation 2018: South Africa

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Four main areas of focus look set to dominate the South African electricity landscape.

  • Renewable Energy: The Department of Energy (DOE) successfully concluded 6 bidding rounds of renewable energy IPP projects between 2011 and 2016. At the time of writing, Eskom has still not signed the PPAs with preferred bidders from the most recent bidding round of the REIPPPP and it is unclear when these projects will close.
  • Coal and Cogeneration: The DOE has also launched a coal and cogeneration baseload IPP Programme. Two CBLIPPPP preferred bidders were announced at the end of 2016 and these two projects are progressing towards commercial close.
  • Gas to Power IPP Procurement Programme: The Minister for Energy released a preliminary information memorandum for this programme in 2016, prior to the commencement of the formal procurement process. At the time of writing, the DOE has indicated that the Gas Utilisation Master Plan must be finalised prior to the issuance of the final RfP although there is no clear indication as to when this is likely to happen.
  • Nuclear Energy Expansion Programme: DOE has confirmed South African's intention to proceed with a nuclear energy expansion programme in the coming decade.



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