Getting the Deal Through - Technology M&A 2019: United Kingdom

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Getting the Deal Through – Technology M&A provides an overview of the various factors affecting technology M&A transactions across various jurisdictions.

Updates and trends

One of the most notable trends, besides the strong activities of private equity companies in technology M&A transactions, is the increased involvement of other companies that are not traditional technology companies as buyers in such transactions. The rapid advancement of digitalisation and the disruption driven by software, other IT and connectivity in almost all traditional industries (in particular financial services, healthcare, automotive and consumer electronics) has contributed to this. Obtaining software and IT solutions through acquisition is often the fastest way for such companies to gain or maintain a competitive advantage and to make headway into new business sectors. Particular active areas are fintech, digital health and connected or automated driving.

We have also seen a significantly increased focus on data protection and cybersecurity issues. This is driven by an increased awareness of these issues and, on the legal side, by the recent coming into force of the GDPR and the Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018.


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