2017 Annual Review

Strengthening client relationships through lawyer secondments

Secondments are a critical factor in turning us from a supplier into a trusted partner of choice.
White & Case Executive Committee member and partner Donald Baker


In 2017, more than 100 White & Case lawyers were deployed to work hand-in-hand with our clients on secondments. “Seconding lawyers to our clients provides significant benefits to our clients and the Firm,” says partner Donald Baker, a White & Case Executive Committee member. “Not only do our lawyers help our client manage their workflow, they are in a privileged position to learn about the client’s drivers and demands. This information helps us to better serve our clients, furthering our understanding of how they work and what they need.”

Clients value secondments because they gain talented legal support to assist with a project or to provide coverage for a set period. The secondee has the unique opportunity to become a valued member of the client’s team and gain insight in the process. When the secondee returns to White & Case, their knowledge of the client drives more efficient and effective communication.

From White & Case’s perspective, “Secondments add real value to our client relationships, giving us a tremendous opportunity to share our people and showcase their skills,” stays Baker. Associates get a chance to step into our clients’ shoes, giving us a deeper and closer understanding of our client’s people, needs and expectations, and allowing us to serve them better.

Secondments strengthen our relationships with clients, build mutual trust and understand and furthering our goal of offering clients the best service possible.



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