2018 Annual Review

2018 new partners

In 2018, 54 new partners joined White & Case and 31 Firm lawyers were promoted, resulting in a total of 85 new partners


Era Anagnosti, Capital Markets, Washington, DC

Kamilla Azamat, Project Development and Finance, London

Marwan Azzi, Mergers & Acquisitions, New York

Steven Baker, Commercial Litigation, London

Maria Beguiristain, White Collar, Miami

Marc A. Benjamin, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Raymond F. Bogenrief, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Chris Brennan, Commercial Litigation, London

Rupa Briggs, Capital Markets, New York

Jay C. Campbell, Trade, Washington, DC

Robert Counihan, Intellectual Property, New York

Jay Cuclis, Project Development and Finance, Houston

Matthew N. Drossos, International Arbitration, Washington, DC

Quintin du Plessis, Banking, Johannesburg

Laura Durrant, Commercial Litigation, London

Ross E. Elfand, Antitrust, New York

Tom Falkus, Capital Markets, London

Gary Felthun, Mergers & Acquisitions, Johannesburg

Hannah Field-Lowes, Commercial Litigation, London

James Fogarty, Capital Markets, New York

Juraj Fuska, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bratislava

Saam Golshani, Mergers & Acquisitions, Paris

Rebecca Gottlieb, Banking, New York

James Greene, Capital Markets, London

Bingna Guo, White Collar, Beijing

Carolyn Pelling Gurland, White Collar, Chicago

James Hardy, Banking, London

J. Jonathan Hawk, Commercial Litigation, Los Angeles

Tim Hickman, Intellectual Property, London

J. Frank Hogue, Antitrust, Washington, DC

Alexis Hojabr, Mergers & Acquisitions, Paris

Thomas H. Horenkamp, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Ash Ilkhani, Capital Markets, New York

Martin Järvengren, Mergers & Acquisitions, Stockholm

Francisco Jijón, International Arbitration, Washington, DC

James Johnson, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Ryan Johnson, Intellectual Property, New York

Emmie Jones, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Matthias Kiesewetter, Mergers & Acquisitions, Hamburg

Tilman Kuhn, Antitrust, Düsseldorf

Luke E. Laumann, Mergers & Acquisitions, New York

Eugene J.M. Leone, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Frank Lupinacci, Mergers & Acquisitions, New York

Hamish Macpherson, Commercial Litigation, Sydney

Alexander Malahias, Project Development and Finance, Abu Dhabi

Taisa Markus, Capital Markets, New York

Claire Matheson Kirton, Banking, Dubai

Jorge Mattamouros, International Arbitration, Houston

Chad S. McCormick, Tax, Houston

Shane McDonald, Banking, London

Michael J. McKeever, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Robert Morrison, Banking, Los Angeles

Nirangjan Nagarajah, Mergers & Acquisitions, Melbourne

Sudhir Nair, Banking, London

Alessandro Nolet, Banking, Milan

Charlie Ofner, Project Development and Finance, Houston

Steven P. Otillar, Project Development and Finance, Houston

Nicholas Palumbo, Banking, New York

David J. Pezza, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Aaron Potter, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Christopher Richardson, Project Development and Finance, Houston

David Robertson, International Arbitration, London

Dominic Ross, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Paul Saltzman, Banking New York

Ruth A. Schoenmeyer, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Ali Shaikley, Mergers & Acquisitions, Dubai

Rebecca Shorter, International Arbitration, London 

Gary R. Silverman, Mergers & Acquisitions, Chicago

Julia Smithers Excell, Banking, London

Edward So, Capital Markets, New York

Brad Strahorn, Commercial Litigation, Sydney

David Strickland, Project Development and Finance, Houston

David H. Suggs, Antitrust, New York

Gilles Teerlinck, Capital Markets, London

Johan Thiman, Capital Markets, Stockholm

Tommaso Tosi, Mergers & Acquisitions, Milan

Steven Tredennick, Mergers & Acquisitions, Houston

Daniel Turgel, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Pratin Vallabhaneni, Banking, Washington, DC

Guillaume Vitrich, Mergers & Acquisitions, Paris 

Mattias von Buttlar, Banking, Frankfurt

Michael Weir, Mergers & Acquisitions, London

Howard Wettan, Intellectual Property, Silicon Valley

Henrik Wireklint, Mergers & Acquisitions, Stockholm

Steven Worthington, Mergers & Acquisitions, London


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