Firm hosts the Global Legal Hackathon, a nonprofit innovation competition

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On May 5, 2019, White & Case hosted the final round of the Global Legal Hackathon in its New York office. The Hackathon is a nonprofit that works with law schools, firms and in-house departments, legal technology companies, governments and service providers to facilitate rapid innovation in the legal industry worldwide. Twelve teams from across the globe competed in the categories of Access to Justice, Business of Law and GROWL (Global Rise of Women in LegalTech). 

Oz Benamram, the Firm's chief knowledge officer, who leads White & Case’s own Practice Innovation team, served as one of the guest judges and said: “It was great to see so many smart, curious people in the room. The industry is changing in a positive way and needs many voices to engage around new ways of providing legal services, for every type of client.”

The winners included:

•    "Uthority" (Germany): a solution that uses OCR to scan legal docs and translate the jargon
•    "Legal Shapers" (Romania): a solution that gives clients fast legal assistance while traveling, via Facebook 
•    "Intelilex" (Poland): a solution that helps lawyers quickly find their previous work product

global-legal-hackathon-audience global-legal-hackathon-competitor
global-legal-hackathon-Oz-Benamram-Hackathon-judge global-legal-hackathon-Hackathon-commentary
global-legal-hackathon-Legal Hackathon-judges


Read more about these solutions. You can also see more photos from the event here:

The Global Legal Hackathon was sponsored by the Financial Times, Integra and the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, among others.