2018 Global Citizenship Review

The role of the courts in public education

We work through the courts to enforce legal obligations and unlock funding for education in several US states.

Access to special education for the children of Flint, Michigan

Following our court victory to obtain necessary and state-of-the-art medical screening for the children of Flint after the water crisis, we are now entering the next phase of the lawsuit to ensure funding is in place to provide the special education services the children affected by lead poisoning will need.

The link between funding and a sound basic education in New York

We are collaborating with the Education Law Center and Morgan Lewis, on behalf of a range of stakeholders, on a bold litigation agenda to challenge the State of New York to protect the constitutional rights of all New York State school students by providing a sound basic education. Ultimately, the aim is to secure the funding needed to safeguard students’ rights in five districts to set a powerful precedent for the rest of New York and the country.

Amicus support for a Florida decision on how best to ensure an “adequate” education

In July 2018, we filed an amicus brief in the Florida Supreme Court on behalf of the Urban League of Greater Miami, a nonprofit whose focus includes helping all children reach their fullest potential. The brief supported an earlier decision by the First District Court of Appeal to reject a lawsuit claiming the current public school system is not providing adequate education and is in violation of Florida’s constitution. The Urban League was concerned the case would undo decades of good work by educators, hurt low-income families and confound the separation of powers. The Florida Supreme Court subsequently affirmed the Court of Appeal’s decision.


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