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Reimagining globalization: The rise of national antitrust

Tokyo Back-to-Business Program Series 2022

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The past two years have seen the most dramatic shift in US antitrust philosophy in half a century, and 2022 has proven that this shift will shape US antitrust law and policy for years to come. With both of President Biden's antitrust enforcement heads now in place at their respective antitrust enforcement agencies, those agencies have already taken concrete steps to implement the new agenda of strengthening merger control and enforcement proceedings, with the aim to protect small businesses and address social harms, while leaving the "consumer welfare" standard behind. Also, the US Congress and various state legislators have become increasingly aggressive in proposing game-changing antitrust laws, and private plaintiffs have been emboldened to challenge company conduct. Although "Big Tech" remains the key target of scrutiny, all major industries and business may be subject to more scrutiny.

The panelists will provide an overview of last year's events and what they mean for global businesses in the future. They will also discuss:

  • Updates on the legislative movement to reform antitrust laws
  • Heightened hurdles for merger review
  • Spotlight on labor markets and ESG
  • Recent criminal prosecutions and the "criminalization" of monopolization
  • Key topics and issues in the continued debate over "Big Tech" and other innovative industries
  • Antitrust issues in supply chain disruptions
 Time and date

25 October 2022
9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. (JST)


J. Mark Gidley | Partner, White & Case, Washington, DC
Kathryn Jordan Mims | Partner, White & Case, Washington, DC
D. Daniel Sokol  | Senior Advisor, White & Case, Los Angeles, and Law professor at the USC Gould School of Law


Toshio Dokei | Partner, White & Case Tokyo

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