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World in Transition

It's not just the rate of change. Our World in Transition hub focuses on the potential for transformation in energy, ESG, finance, globalization and US policy.  

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Dealmaking set for comeback in North America’s food industry

M&A Explorer | M&A is proving popular with companies looking to reinvigorate their portfolios and adapt to shifting consumer demands

International bidders bolster German M&A

M&A Explorer | Amid a challenging economic climate, international buyers prompted by the energy transition target mainstay sectors including industrials & chemicals and automotive

Carve-outs: A valuable tool for European firms

M&A Explorer | Strategic carve-outs continue to present a strong business case, as companies shed non-core assets and position themselves for growth

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Geopolitics and decarbonization in the mining & metals sector

Geography—as much as geology—is driving commercial activity and opportunities for mining & metals firms as decarbonization accelerates

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Financial institutions M&A: Sector trends - September 2023

We highlight the key UK & European M&A trends in H2 2022 and H1 2023, and provide our insights into the outlook for M&A moving forward.

Offshore Winds
Transatlantic M&A bull run set for comeback

M&A Explorer | Encouraged by the relative strength of the dollar and improving financing conditions, US bidders are snapping up European assets

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Financial Times Moral Money Forum reports, in partnership with White & Case
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US high yield markets spring to life

Debt Explorer | High yield bond activity rallies in the US as borrowers pivot away from pricier leveraged loans, but European and Asian markets remain challenged

Generative AI boom sparks investment spree

M&A Explorer | A flurry of dealmaking is taking place as investors look to stake their claim in AI's newest frontier

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Pivot potential: A deep dive into offshore wind in the Gulf of Mexico

After years of blunted growth and false starts, the US is finally scaling up offshore wind, with the Gulf of Mexico as the potential new setting.

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Term loan C in the spotlight

Debt Explorer | In debt markets characterized by tighter liquidity and cautious lenders, term loan C debt is providing borrowers with essential liquidity

Spanish M&A resists market pressures in H1

M&A Explorer | The country’s hotly targeted renewables sector ensured a steady flow of deals in the first half of the year

Subdued macro conditions shelve major loan activity

Debt Explorer | Loan issuance across all major jurisdictions saw year-on-year double-digit declines during the first half of 2023, as high inflation and rising interest rates continued to weigh on loan activity

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Global M&A faces market headwinds in Q2

M&A Explorer | Ongoing uncertainty hampers dealmaking in second quarter of the year, but mining megadeals and the race for clean energy offer a ray of hope

Flexibility is key: Australia’s leveraged finance market rises to the challenge

Debt Explorer | Sponsors hope increasing competition and the flexibility of Australia’s leveraged finance market will provide increasing optionality during challenging times

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Public-to-private deals offer a bright spot in flat M&A market

Debt Explorer | Private equity buyout activity has slowed in the face of macroeconomic headwinds, but public-to-private transactions have shown little sign of slowing down

Africa Focus: Summer 2023

Delivering growth through sustainable development

Mining & Metals
Securing investment: FDI screening and the mining & metals sector

In the world of shifting geopolitical tensions and supply chain vulnerabilities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the push for mineral & metal security is changing the way governments, regulators, sector participants and lenders evaluate foreign investment.

US issuers flock to convertible bonds in choppy market

Debt Explorer | Slowdowns in US IPO, high yield and syndicated loan markets have revived US convertible bond issuance as borrowers seek out cheaper debt due to rising interest rates

women in mining
Changing the face of mining

A review of women on boards and C-suite positions in the mining industry 2012 – 2022

Czech and Polish governments step up to support exporters

Debt Explorer | Few markets have been as directly impacted by the conflict in Ukraine as those in Czechia and Poland, but governments in both countries have stepped up with financial packages to shield exporters from the fallout

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Cybersecurity: Legal implications and risk management

In an increasingly interconnected world, cyber risk is firmly at the top of the boardroom agenda, and having an effective data breach response programme is no longer optional.

Time to shine in India’s M&A market

M&A Explorer | M&A activity in the world’s most populous country is nothing short of impressive

Stock market
Fund finance market—adapting to change

Debt Explorer | The fund finance ecosystem is in a period of flux as lenders and private equity funds take stock of new regulatory capital requirements and the impact of the collapse of several market participants

How CLOs are dealing with a post-SVB world

Debt Explorer | The fund finance ecosystem is in a period of flux as lenders and private equity funds take stock of new regulatory capital requirements and the impact of the collapse of several market participants

A spotlight on shareholder value spurs Japanese M&A

M&A Explorer | Much needed business restructurings and government incentives have the potential to drive acquisitions and divestments in Japan

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2023 Global compliance risk benchmarking survey

Industry perspectives on the state of compliance today and effective strategies for managing compliance risk within the changing regulatory landscape

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European biotech enjoys a burst of dealmaking activity

M&A Explorer | The first quarter saw a string of transactions after a punishing year for the sector

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Public-to-private deals continue their hot streak

M&A Explorer | Even as public equity markets return to life, sponsors still find value in take-privates

Buyout and M&A slowdown weighs on debt markets in Spain

Debt Explorer | Prolonged M&A auction processes and cautious banks have put the brakes on leveraged finance activity in Spain, opening up opportunities for foreign lenders and private debt funds to gain market share

Middle East
Restructuring reforms energize the Middle East

Debt Explorer | The Middle East restructuring landscape has been transformed in recent years, attracting new investors and providing borrowers and lenders with more flexibility

M&A in Türkiye continues to perform

M&A Explorer | Deal activity in Türkiye remained resilient in Q1 2023, despite pre-election uncertainty, record-breaking inflation, a devastating natural disaster and geopolitical concerns, mainly due to the Russia-Ukraine war

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UK M&A volume continues to impress despite value crunch

M&A Explorer | This year should continue to deliver a steady pipeline of deals in what remains one of Europe’s most dynamic markets

stock market
Europe’s PE market braces for impact

M&A Explorer | Despite a slow start to the year, fundraising for impact strategies in Europe is on the rise and the long-term prospects are bright

Jakarta, Indonesia
Indonesia is riding strong tailwinds

M&A Explorer | Solid growth and promising deflationary signals are fueling a kinetic deal market in Southeast Asia’s largest economy

High yield bonds held firm in the first quarter against a tough backdrop

Debt Explorer | Despite ongoing economic headwinds, global high yield bond markets showed gains in the first quarter of 2023.

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Macro headwinds dampen loan activity

Debt Explorer | Stubborn inflation, ongoing interest rate hikes and the banking crisis in the US and Europe have slowed activity across global loan markets at the start of the year, but there are signs that loan issuance may start rebounding in the months ahead.

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Global software M&A volume rebounds

M&A Explorer | Tech valuations fell through the second half 2022 and M&A in the sector shifted gears producing a rise in lower-value deals, particularly among private equity (PE) firms. That trend continued in Q1 2023

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Global PE activity returns to baseline as boom fades

M&A Explorer | Aggregate global buyout value dipped sharply in the second half of 2022 reverting to pre-pandemic levels—the first three months of 2023, however, have seen an uptick in volume