GC2GC UK Network


Our GC2GC network is a community for General Counsel and senior in house lawyers.

The network provides a structured programme of networking and content-based events throughout the year. These events range from purely networking, through to technical discussions amongst peers around key issues. We will be covering themes that impact General Counsel and senior in-house lawyers as they respond to a range of different demands and responsibilities.

To register for the GC2GC network, please complete the form in the Registration.

A tailored programme that is relevant for members

Our aim is to provide specific events for groups with similar interests and responsibilities within the network.

We aim to run a number of bespoke events throughout the year that focus on topics relevant to GCs and senior lawyers and the sectors in which they operate.

Invitations to these events will be extended to GC2GC network members once events have been scheduled.

Please visit the Events section. This list will be updated as new events are confirmed.