Employees Want ChatGPT at Work. Bosses Worry They’ll Spill Secrets

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In The Washington Post, Global Head of White & Case's Technology Transactions Practice, Arlene Arin Hahn, is quoted on the importance of companies' preparedness to make revisions to their generative AI policies as technological developments continue.

Hahn notes that, "at present, there is 'a little bit of naiveté' among companies regarding AI tools, even as their releases creates 'disruption on steroids' across industries." To mitigate these risks, she is "advising clients to keep a close eye on developments in generative AI and to be prepared to constantly revise their policies."

"You have to make sure you're reserving the ability to change the policy…so your organization is nimble and flexible enough to allow for innovation without stifling the adoption of new technology," Hahn says.

See the full Washington Post article here.

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