The evolution of India’s nuclear sector: learning from global trends

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In an article for New Energy World, the magazine of the Energy Institute, White & Case partners Andrew McDougall KC and Dipen Sabharwal KC and Counsel Ximena Vásquez-Maignan look at India's plans to use a new programme of nuclear power plant building to help satisfy its fast-growing electricity needs and how the legal risks of nuclear power projects can be managed. 

They write: 'In meeting growing demand for energy, India's policymakers are keen to adopt 'safe, clean and convenient forms of energy' at the lowest cost and in a technically efficient, economically viable and environmentally sustainable manner. Currently, the nation devotes nearly 3% of its GDP to energy investment, and an increasing share of this investment is going into clean energy. Looking beyond 2050, policymakers view nuclear energy as the most potent means to attaining long-term energy security and energy-independent status.'

'Today, India is second in the world, after China, in terms of the number of reactors being constructed. One of India's primary goals for 2031 is to ensure the energy needed to sustain a growth rate of 8–9% becomes available. This opens opportunities for large-scale investment in the nuclear energy sector.'

The full article is online here.

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