Anne Véronique Schlaepfer

Partner, Geneva (White & Case S.A.)


“‘She is a really experienced specialist in the international arbitration area. She knows the strategies of every step of the arbitration procedure and defends the client’s interests in every way.’ She has particular knowledge of construction and energy disputes.” (Chambers Europe and Global)

“The ‘always well-prepared and never less than excellent’ Anne Véronique Schlaepfer is one of the foremost counsel in Geneva.” (Who’s Who Legal, Arbitration: Analysis)


Anne Véronique Schlaepfer is a Partner in the Firm's International Arbitration Practice and is based in Geneva. She is also the Executive Partner of the Firm's Geneva office.

Anne Véronique has acted as counsel in more than 100 arbitration proceedings involving, amongst others, construction contracts, pharmaceuticals, energy (upstream and downstream), joint venture agreements, sales contracts, collateral management agreements, and know-how license agreements.

She has also served as arbitrator in more than 30 cases and represents parties before Swiss courts in arbitration-related court proceedings, in particular in challenges to arbitral awards.

Anne Véronique is a member of the ICC Executive Board and a Vice-President of the ICC Court.

She is also a former member of the LCIA Court and on the panel of arbitrators of the British Virgin Islands International Arbitration Centre.

She has been at the forefront of the development of international arbitration, including as: Co-Chair of the Arbitration Committee of the IBA (2015-2016); Chairperson of the Arbitration Court administering Swiss Rules arbitrations (2010-2013); Member of the Arbitration Committee of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce until 2014; and Member of the working group for the revision of the Swiss Rules (2010-2011).

Bars and Courts
Geneva Bar
University of Geneva
Business Administration
University of Geneva


  • Representation of a US corporation in ICC arbitration proceedings against a European company relating to the termination of contracts in the nuclear sector.
  • Advising and representing parties in disputes relating to large and complex construction projects located across the globe. For instance: 
    • representation of a European general contractor in a dispute relating to the construction of a refinery in Western Europe (ICC arbitration proceedings).
    • representation of a major European engineering and construction company in a dispute relating to the construction of a refinery in South-East Europe (EPCm contract, ICC arbitration proceedings).
    • representation of a European general contractor in a dispute with a subcontractor relating to the construction of a petrochemical plant in Australia (ICC arbitration proceedings).
    • representation in mediation proceedings of a general contractor in a dispute with the owner relating to the delayed completion of a plant.
    • representation of a mechanical works contractor in a dispute relating to the construction of a hydro-power plant.
    • representing the lead member of a consortium for a major infrastructure project in a dispute against other members of the consortium (ICC arbitration).
  • Representing a major Asian company specialized in the mining industry in a dispute concerning the development and exploitation of mines in Africa (ICC arbitration).
  • Representing of a major player in the oil and gas sector in arbitration proceedings relating to a gas price review dispute.
  • Advising on res judicata effect of previous decisions under Swiss law in a gas price review dispute.
  • Representing a party from the USA in a dispute relating to the design and supply of wind turbines (LCIA arbitration).

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