Dr. Thyl Haßler

Local Partner, Düsseldorf



Thyl advises national and international corporations and private equity companies within major domestic and cross-border public and private M&A transactions in a variety of sectors, on take-over law, within the formation of domestic and cross-border joint ventures as well as strategic alliances. Furthermore, Thyl advises stock listed companies and their corporate bodies in all matters relating to core corporate law matters (in particular corporate governance, (critical) shareholder meetings, structural measures) and in relation to capital markets law.

Bars and Courts
Dr jur
University of Cologne
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Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf
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University of Cologne
Maîtrise en Droit
University Paris I - Panthéon/Sorbonne
Universities Cologne and Paris I - Panthéon/Sorbonne


aamundo Real Estate Group
Representation of aamundo Real Estate Group on the setting-up of a joint venture with Angelo Gordon to establish an investment platform for value-added real estate in the logistics and light industrial sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

DIC Corporation
Representation of DIC Corporation within the acquisition of BASF’s global pigments business (EUR 1.15 billion).

German InsurTech company
Representation of a German InsurTech company on the acquisition of a software consulting company.

x+bricks group
Representation of x+bricks group on the approximately EUR 500 million acquisition of 120 grocery-anchored properties from TLG Immobilien AG and its subsidiaries. The acquisition is one of the largest portfolio transactions of grocery-anchored properties ever executed in Germany.

Representation of Forterro, a European group of ERP software companies backed by Battery Ventures, on its acquisition of abas Software AG.

Saudi Aramco
Representation of Saudi Aramco on the EUR 1.5 billion acquisition of a 50% interest in the specialty chemicals joint venture ARLANXEO from LANXESS to become sole shareholder of ARLANXEO.*

Scout24 AG
Representation of Scout24 AG as target company of a public takeover offer launched by Hellman & Friedman and Blackstone (EUR 5.7 billion).*

IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG
Representation of IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG on the capital decrease in a nominal amount of EUR 1.5 billion via redemption of treasury shares.

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Girozentrale (Helaba)
Representation of Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen Girozentrale (Helaba) on the EUR 352 million acquisition of Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland GmbH from Dexia S.A./N.V.*

DUSSUR (Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Company)
Representation of DUSSUR (Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Company) on a USD 267 million strategic joint venture with General Electric to manufacture gas turbines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.*

Global asset manager
Representation of a global asset manager in a bid process in relation to the contemplated acquisition of an office property portfolio spread over 8 jurisdictions (EUR 500 million).*

Chinese state fund
Representation of a Chinese state fund in a bid process in relation to the contemplated acquisition of an energy and waste recycling company (EUR 1.4 billion).*

Representation of QInvest on a joint venture with Pramerica to acquire 16 retail properties throughout Germany.*

Hannover Leasing group
Representation of a fund vehicle of Hannover Leasing group within the sale of a large office building (EUR 205 million).*

Corestate Ben BidCo AG
Representation of Corestate Ben BidCo AG within a mandatory public takeover offer and a voluntary public purchase offer in relation to leading student housing company YOUNIQ AG (including subsequent squeeze out by merger).*

Corestate Capital Holding S.A.
Representation of Corestate Capital Holding S.A. within several major M&A-transactions inter alia the EUR 687 million sale of a portfolio of retail properties to a fund set up by Universal Investment for the Bavarian Pension Fund, within the sale of a residential portfolio spread over various German cities and within the acquisition of a German based asset manager.*

Corestate Capital Holding S.A.
Representation of Corestate Capital Holding S.A. within the formation of an international joint venture with Inmobiliaria Espacio and OHL Desarrollos in order to establish a real estate platform in Spain.*

Corestate Capital Holding S.A.
Representation of Corestate Capital Holding S.A. within a private placement and subsequent listing in the Scale Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as the Uplisting to the Prime Standard.*

Kontron AG
Representation of Kontron AG, a stock listed leading global manufacturer of computer technology within a complex corporate reorganization (including merger onto S&T Deutschland Holding AG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TecDax-listed S&T AG, with cash compensation for shareholders).*

Several DAX30, M-DAX and S-DAX-companies
Advise of several DAX30, M-DAX and S-DAX-companies and their corporate bodies, on stock corporation law matters, within the preparation and conduct of (critical) shareholder meetings, in relation to corporate governance aspects and compliance matters as well as in relation to capital market law aspects.*

*Matters prior to working for White & Case


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Daghles/Haßler: Accounts Warranty in M&A-transactions – practical implications of the decision of the Higher Regional Court Frankfurt am Main (Bilanzgarantien in M&A-Transaktionen – Praktische Auswirkungen des Urteils des OLG Frankfurt am Main), M&A Review 2017, p. 241

Haßler / Punte: Claim to receive a cash compensation after a squeeze out terminates upon handing over of the share certificate to the main shareholder (Verbriefung des Anspruchs auf Barabfindung nach Squeeze-out endet mit Aushändigung der Aktienurkunde an den Hauptaktionär), GWR, 2017, p. 137 et seq.

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Eichner / Haßler: Concerning the liability of a reorganistation-manager for payments after company falls factually insolvent (Zur Haftung des Sanierungs-Geschäftsführers für Zahlungen nach Insolvenzreife), EWiR 2016, p. 493 et seq.

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Haßler: The first announcement of the intention to implement a squeeze out is the determinative reference date for the compensation (Erstmalige Bekanntgabe der Absicht eines Squeeze-out ist für Abfindung maßgeblicher Stichtag), GWR, 2015, p. 342 et seq.

Haßler: In the event of conflictive shareholders, the court is entitled to appoint candidates for the supervisory board which have not been proposed by the parties (Bei zerstrittenen Aktionärskreisen können auch von den Beteiligten nicht vorgeschlagene Aufsichtsratsmitglieder vom Gerichtbestellt werden), GWR, 2015, p. 229 et seq.

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Haßler: Investigation duties of the Supervisory Board in the event of indications for violations of duties of care by the Management Board considering the ARAG/Garmenbeck-decision (Ermittlungspflichten des Aufsichtsrats bei Anhaltspunkten fürSorgfaltspflichtverletzungen des Vorstands unter Berücksichtigung der ARAG/Garmenbeck-Entscheidung), Ph.D Thesis, Publishing House Dr. Kovač, 2014

Awards and Recognition

Recognized for Energy transactions, The Legal 500 EMEA 2020, Germany