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Global Employee Equity at a glance

2018 Global Employee Equity at a glance

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Are you thinking about ways in which you can incentivize your employees globally, but unsure what implications your incentive arrangements will have in each jurisdiction? Look no further.

Global Employee Equity at a Glance, which has been updated in 2018, summarizes the key legal and tax issues that arise from the operation of different types of equity-based compensation plans across 25 countries globally. Focused on Employee Stock Option Plans, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, Restricted Stock and RSU Plans, Global Employee Equity at a Glance is designed for stock plan and human resources professionals, who are looking at ways to incentivize employees globally. Broken down by type of plan, country and specific area of interest (employment, regulatory and tax), Global Employee Equity at a Glance provides an easy to navigate single source of all key legal and tax issues.

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Important Note: In preparing the country summaries in this booklet, we have attempted to provide, for guidance only and not as legal advice, the most up-to-date information available on relevant law and practice in each country. Each summary is intended to reflect such law and practice as at August 2018. Please note, however, that recent amendments and legal interpretations of local law may not be included in these summaries. In addition, corporate governance, administration, and plan design facts that are specific to your company may impact how local laws affect a company’s equity-based compensation plans.

With these matters in mind, companies should not rely on the information provided in these summaries when implementing their Plans. We would be happy to assist your company in reviewing all pertinent information and developing a comprehensive strategy for offering its equity-based compensation plans globally.


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