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The EU's new trade and investment policy in a nutshell

A new template for future initiatives

On 14 October 2015, the European Commission revealed its long-awaited communication setting out an updated trade and investment policy for the EU, entitled "Trade for all: Towards a more responsible trade and investment policy". Going forward, the EU will seek to incorporate all of the principles set out in this policy document in its trade/investment initiatives and negotiations, but the extent to which future free trade agreements (FTAs) will actually reflect these objectives will of course depend on the EU's negotiating partners, as the EU is less able these days to impose its "model" on other countries than it may have been in the past. The policy document underlines the importance of trade for the EU's economy, and shows how modern FTAs (in particular the one with South Korea) have been shown to help EU exports grow and ensure a good share of world exports.

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