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Iran sanctions suspension extended, and other EU sanctions news (Syria, Belarus, Serbia/Montenegro)

This alert summarizes certain recent EU sanctions developments with respect to Iran, Syria, Belarus, and Serbia/Montenegro. In sum, they are as follows:

Iran: Today, the EU decided to extend the existing temporary suspension of certain EU sanctions measures against Iran until 30 June 2015. In addition, the EU has recently reintroduced three asset freeze designations, and updated certain asset freeze entry information.

Syria: The EU has added 16 persons and 2 entities to the asset freeze list. In addition, the EU intends to impose new sanctions measures against Syria in the form of an EU export ban on jet fuel and relevant additives, for which a draft Regulation is currently under discussion but it has not yet been adopted and has therefore not entered into force.

Belarus: The sanctions regime has been extended until 31 October 2015, while the asset freeze on 24 persons and 7 entities has been lifted (and certain entries updated) as of 31 October 2014.

Serbia/Montenegro: As of 29 October 2014, the EU has lifted the existing asset freeze restrictions on Slobodan Milosevic and certain persons associated with him.

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