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Japan Energy Policy Update May 2012

Japan Energy Policy Update May 2012

First Mover Advantages Will Accrue to Investors in Japanese Renewables
The Japanese government is poised to kick-start the renewable energy industry by establishing high feed-in tariffs for solar, wind, geothermal, small-scale hydro and biomass. Following the 3.11 nuclear crisis, Japan has shut down 53 of its 54 reactors. The last one will be shut down for mandatory maintenance in early May. While it is not likely that Japan will completely abandon nuclear energy in the near to medium term, due to local opposition, it is not at all clear when the reactors can be restarted. Power shortages are expected and renewables will undoubtedly play a much larger role in Japan's energy mix.

Japan Energy Update
In the second installment of the White & Case Japan Energy Update series of videos, White & Case's Arthur Mitchell looks at developments in Japan's energy policy since December 2011. Topics covered in the Alternative Energy Initiatives video update include: When will the amount of the feed-in tariff actually be decided? Can foreign investors own 100 percent of a solar generation facility? Are there any other issues that might raise concerns for investors? Are technologies other than solar being considered? What is the overall assessment for foreign investors in Japan's power sector?

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