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Spring Series 2018 – Germany

Spring Series 2018 – Germany

Against the backdrop of an uncertain world caused by Brexit, the 2016 US election and related political challenges in the European Union the old world order seems to be coming apart. But, it is also coming together in new ways, thanks to forces unleashed by international communications and rapid technological change, as well as shared environmental obligations and the development of international legal frameworks and regulations for common projects.

Our clients and other global businesses face new complexities as we seek to grow and to play a constructive role in society. To reflect this, our series will address a number of highly topical issues that our clients will need to consider and navigate in an ever changing world.

We begin with the topic of Brexit where we will look at the potential impacts of a "Hard Brexit" and the options available to avoid this. We then follow with an event focused on the new FIDIC "Rainbow Suite" and its impact on international construction projects. We also have events on CFIUS, Blockchain and the Developments in the European Green Finance Markets. We end the series with the very topical issue of cybersecurity and take a closer look at some of the challenges that affect German businesses in the global marketplace.


Programs include:

Brexit & Financial Services: what are the political and legal options?
6 March

Great Britain will leave the European Union in not much more than a year. As governments are still far from avoiding a cliff-edge scenario, for the financial services industry the time for talking is over, practical steps must be taken.

The new FIDIC "Rainbow Suite" and its Impact on International Construction Projects
15 March
The FIDIC Contracts have for many years been the pre-eminent standard-form construction contracts between employers and contractors for major projects worldwide.

CFIUS and other FDI reviews – Hitting the wall and finding a way through
11 April
Foreign direct investments (FDI) reviews in the US are on the rise especially for international technology transactions.

Investing in Blockchain – Hype or Reality?
24 April
New technologies are fundamentally changing the way in which people trans- and interact.

Financing the Green Renaissance – Developments in European Green Finance Markets
8 May
Green Finance has been embraced with great enthusiasm over the past few years, with Europe as a leading region in this area.

Cyber attacks – You have been hacked, now what?
15 May
Cybersecurity has become a buzzword at the moment and for good reason.