2016 Annual Review
2016 Annual Review

2016 Seminars

In a year characterized by uncertainty, we held a series of seminars in London, Tokyo and New York focusing on the challenges our clients faced.


Japan and trade agreements

Our "Japan and the evolving global landscape for trade and investment" seminar series in Tokyo examined how different trade agreements could shape commerce, investment and security in Asia, opportunities and changing risks for the healthcare industry in Japan and globally, and planning for Japan’s energy future.

Living with global uncertainty

Our London seminar series, "Living with global uncertainty," focused on the impact of uncertainty in different sectors. At our keynote event, business leader Barbara Cassani, UBS Investment Bank senior economic adviser George Magnus and broadcast journalist Robert Peston discussed the impact of global uncertainty on business, financial institutions and governments. At other events, our partners, clients and colleagues examined the impact of state aid in the financial sector, the future for investing in European power and the challenges facing those in the oil and gas markets.

Growth amid disruption

Our "Growth amid disruption" seminar series in New York offered clients insights into some of 2016’s transformative trends, and concluded with a keynote address by economist Nouriel Roubini. Topics included a global view of the forces affecting sales and purchases of energy assets, financing transactions and compliance; current issues and trends in M&A and arbitration in India; investment trends and opportunities for infrastructure investors; and a global survey of national security reviews of foreign direct investments.


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