Cybersecurity: At the crossroads of risk

White & Case Private Equity Viewpoint - Issue #2

Does private equity have the appropriate cybersecurity safeguards in its own operations and at the portfolio level?

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“In private equity, the loss or gain of value is what determines a firm’s success, and so understanding cyber risk has never been more important.”

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Private equity in pole position

Ian Bagshaw and Steve Chabinsky (White & Case)

Cybersecurity is a rising threat to revenue and reputation. But as Ian Bagshaw and Steve Chabinsky of global law firm White & Case find, it also offers a new opportunity for the private equity industry for those able to master the risks

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“Cybersecurity is now an extremely hot sector, so it’s critical to understand the trajectory of technology.”


Cybersecurity startups offer investment opportunity

Sean Cunningham (ForgePoint Capital)

Sean Cunningham, a managing director at ForgePoint Capital, examines the growing investment interest in cybersecurity, from services to software products

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Due diligence: Cybersecurity at the portfolio level

Shawn Henry (CrowdStrike)

Shawn Henry, president of CrowdStrike Services and the chief security officer of CrowdStrike, Inc., outlines the importance of strong cybersecurity governance at all points in the investment chain

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The path to exit: Scaling up a cybersecurity investment

Alan Rassaby (Avast)

Alan Rassaby, general counsel and company secretary at Avast, on scaling up through acquisition

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