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Financial Regulatory Observer
September 2017

The financial services industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Companies that can navigate this uncertain terrain will retain a competitive edge.

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ECB holds sway in new banking order

By Dr. Henning Berger

A German lender tried and failed to remove itself from the clutches of ECB supervision – what does this mean for the wider banking sector?

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How state aid survived the Italian banking crisis

By Angelo Messore

There is much to admire in the EU's handling of the Italian banking crisis, but in allowing two lenders to escape BRRD rules, it has raised questions on the consistency of the EU state aid and resolution framework.

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Calculation of risk-weighted credit exposures

By Dr. Dennis Heuer and Claire-Marie Mallad

Regulators are trying to bring consistency in calculating risk-weighted assets, casting further doubt on the use of internal models by financial institutions.

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Regulators put their heads in the cloud

By Dr. Andreas Wieland and Dr. Jost Kotthoff

A new wave of IT outsourcing by banks raises some important questions for regulators.

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Cybersecurity: Regulators show their teeth

By Kevin Petrasic, Steven R. Chabinsky and F. Paul Pittman

New formal cybersecurity standards covering US financial institutions could have ramifications that reach far beyond New York.

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Meet our Global Bank Regulatory Team

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Partner, Istanbul

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Partner, Berlin

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Partner, Milan

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Partner, London

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Partner, Paris

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Local Partner, Frankfurt

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Local Partner, Prague

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Counsel, New York

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Counsel, Berlin

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Counsel, Warsaw

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Counsel, Brussels

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Associate, Berlin

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Associate, Washington, DC

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Associate, Frankfurt

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Associate, Warsaw

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Associate, London

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