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M&A Attractiveness Index, EMEA – Overview

Developed in association with the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School

The Index is designed to evaluate the capacity of a given country to attract and sustain M&A activity

As part of White & Case's strategic partnership with the Mergers and Acquisitions Research Centre (MARC) at Cass Business School, we have used their M&A Attractiveness Index data for various countries where we have offices and combined this with the country's top inbound and outbound destinations, as well as our thoughts on each market.

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Middle East
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Now in its fifth year, the MARC M&A Attractiveness Index provides an update based on 2014 data, ranking a total of 147 countries worldwide. The Index is designed to evaluate the capacity of a given country to attract and sustain M&A activity. It is a weighted average composite of 23 indicators that aggregate into five factor groups: regulatory and political, economic and financial, technological, socioeconomic, and infrastructure and assets. In order to reach the final score for each country, it apportions an 80 percent weight to the Index, with the remaining 20 percent weighting provided by that year's domestic and inbound cross-border M&A activity. The proprietary methodology for ranking and assessing a country's attractiveness for M&A activity has been developed exclusively by the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School, London.


Factor groups and indicators

Twenty-three country development indicators have been aggregated into the following five factor groups:

Regulatory and political indicators
• Rule of law
• Completion formalities
• Registering property
• Paying taxes
• Trading across borders
• Enforcing contracts
• Political stability
• Sovereign debt rating
• Control of corruption

Economic and financial indicators
• GDP size
• GDP growth CAGR
• Inflation
• Stock market capitalisation as percentage of GDP

Technological indicators
• High-technology exports
• Innovation
• Internet users per 100 people

Socioeconomic indicators
• Population size
• Population aged 15-64 (percentage of total)

Infrastructure and assets indicators
• Registered companies (>US$1m total assets)
• Container port traffic (TEU) 4
• Railway lines (km)
• Paved roads as percentage of total roads


Inbound and outbound investment flows

Data for this section was gathered from the Thomson Financial database and indicates the top five inbound and top five outbound investments flows, as well as in each case, United States and Asia flows.


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