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The Delta Report – Derivatives Newsletter: May 2017

In this second issue of The Delta Report for 2017, we cover crucial updates in the derivatives market in Europe and also globally with respect to developments in margining for non-cleared derivatives. In the UK, Brexit continues to dominate the headlines while the negotiating positions of Britain and Europe become clearer. We have also provided in this issue a summary of the landmark constitutional judgment by the UK Supreme Court (handed down in January 2017) as relating to the government’s ability to exercise its prerogative powers.

The key topic that remains at the forefront of all derivatives users’ minds globally is of course margining. In this issue of the Delta Report, we have sought to provide readers with a summary of the progress on implementing the margin rules across key G20 jurisdictions. In Europe, with some uncertainty remaining around key elements of the rules, we have also provided an in-depth look at Article 30 of such rules (the covered bond exemption).

Other important topics considered include Article 55 and the ISDA 2016 Bail-in Article BRRD Protocol and an update on the now looming implementation of MiFID II/ MiFIR.


In this issue...

Regulatory Developments Globally

Regulatory Developments in Europe


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