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EU Customs Practice Group: December 2013

EU Customs Practice Group: December 2013

Welcome to the December 2013 edition of our newsletter on Customs Developments in the EU.

In this issue:


UCC Developments
Customs 2020
Customs Infringements and Sanctions


Duty Suspensions and Tariff Quotas
GSP – New Regime and Practical Guide
GSP – Countries Losing Benefits
GSP Plus developments
FTA Update


Classification Regulation
Simplification for sanitary articles
CNEN – poultry and biomass gases
HS Explanatory Notes / Classification Opinions
CNEN for Motor Vehicle Collectors’ Pieces
CJEU judgment on Stove Pipe Sets
Nomenclature Committee Developments


Origin Committee Developments
'Made in' Labelling remains controversial
Origin Rules for Solar Panels/Modules
Origin quotas for textiles from Guatemala
GSP – cumulation for tobacco products


CJEU ruling on Customs Valuation


Customs Enforcement of IPRs
Management of 2014 Textile Quotas
CJEU ruling on Fraudulent Import Scheme


EU WTO Complain against Brazilian taxes
WTO Bali Trade Facilitation Agreement
WTO - E-Commerce Moratorium Extension
EU monitoring of drugs precursors trade


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