Global Employee Consultations at a glance

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When restructuring or selling your business, there will be a number of considerations at play. Having regard to the impact on your workforce and whether your plans could trigger information and consultation requirements are key considerations.

Global Employee Consultations at a glance summarizes the key information and consultation obligations that arise from the transfer of businesses and redundancies across 28 jurisdictions globally.

Compiled with the help of lawyers around the world, Global Employee Consultations at a glance provides an easy to navigate single source of information, designed for companies wanting to know what information and consultation obligations a sale or restructure of a business (or part of a business) might trigger. 

Broken down by Transfer of Business and Redundancies, Global Employee Consultations at a glance guides you through some of the issues and challenges associated with managing a global workforce through a period of change, and the differences that exist in employment protection legislation.

Global Employee Consultations at a glance includes definitions and the following sections:

• Australia
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Canada
• China
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• France
• Germany
• Hong Kong SAR
• India
• Ireland
• Israel
• Italy

• Japan
• Mexico
• Netherlands
• Poland
• Russia
• Singapore
• Slovakia
• Spain
• Switzerland
• Taiwan
• Turkey
• United Arab Emirates
• United Kingdom
• United States of America



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