A guide to Bribery & Corruption 2023: France, Germany, UK and US


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White & Case is pleased to have been involved in GLI's newly released Bribery & Corruption Laws and Regulations 2023. Anneka Randhawa and Jonah Anderson co-edited the book and co-wrote the UK chapter. In addition, White & Case contributed the country chapters for France, Germany and the US.

Each chapter covers key topics including law and enforcement regimes, recent enforcement activity and policy, investigations, decision-making and future areas of focus.

Authors: Ludovic Malgrain, Jean-Pierre Picca and Grégoire Durand

Authors: Dr. Thomas Helck, Karl-Jörg Xylander and Dr. Tine Schauenburg

United Kingdom
Authors: Anneka Randhawa and Jonah Anderson

United States of America
Authors: Douglas Jensen and Gabriella Klein

Reproduced with permission from Global Legal Insights. This article was first published in GLI - Bribery & Corruption 2023.

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