Gaddiel Rodriguez

Technical Advisor, Boston



Gaddiel Rodriguez is a technical advisor in the Intellectual Property Practice Group. He has extensive experience with methodologies and technologies involving proteins and nucleic acids.  

His practice focuses on a variety of intellectual property issues, including worldwide patent portfolio development, patent prosecution and IP due diligence in a broad range of life sciences subjects including matters involving gene therapy, genetic screens, enzyme replacement therapies, antibody development, fusion proteins, small molecules, pharmaceuticals, ocular products, protein therapeutics, immunology, drug formulations, and dosage regimens. 

Gaddiel received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His doctoral research focused on biochemical and biophysical characterization of protein-nucleic acid interactions, and intrinsically disordered proteins involved in DNA repair.

Biochemistry and Chemistry
Hunter College
Molecular Biophysics
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


Gaddiel has performed due diligence investigations of the intellectual property portfolios directed to gene therapy, small molecule, ocular therapeutics, and biopharmaceutical companies.  He regularly assists with intellectual property matters involving freedom to operate analyses, inter partes review, strategic transactions, and due diligence.


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