Martina Castrén

Associate, Brussels



Martina is a member of the Firm's EU law practice in Brussels and advises clients on all aspects of European and Finnish competition law.

Prior to joining White & Case in 2019, Martina worked for the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority, where her work covered antitrust investigations and merger control in a broad range of industries, including financial services, construction, daily consumer goods retail and agriculture.

In addition to the public enforcement of competition law, Martina has in-depth experience in legislative work: she has been a member of working groups preparing the reform of the Finnish competition rules and the national health care system.

Martina holds a Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School and the University of Helsinki, where she is pursuing a doctorate. Martina regularly publishes in the field of competition law and policy.

Harvard Law School

Fulbright Scholar

University of Helsinki
Economics and Business Administration
Hanken School of Economics
Postgraduate Diploma
Economics for Competition Law
King's College London



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