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Russia: Economic Sanctions on Turkey

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Russia Sets Economic Sanctions Against Turkey (02 Dec 2015)

Russia extends economic sanctions against Turkey (30 Dec 2015)

On 29 December 2015, the Russian Government adopted Resolutions No. 1457 and No. 1458 specifying the scope of sanctions and restrictions which were imposed by the President Decree No. 583 and further extended by Decree No. 669.[1]

Both Resolutions were officially published and came into force on 30 December 2015.

(1) The list of types of works (services) that Turkish organizations and organisations controlled by Turkish nationals or Turkish organisations are forbidden to perform in the Russian Federation from 1 January 2016, is adopted and includes the following:
any works (services) for the state or municipal procurement purpose;
construction of buildings, engineering structures, and other specialised construction works;
activity in the sphere of architecture and engineering-technical design, technical tests, research and analysis;
travel agencies and other services in the tourist area;
hotels and other accommodation services; and
wood processing.

(2) Excluded from the ban are contracts that were concluded prior to 30 December 2015,[2] for the duration of such contracts.

(3) The list of employers in Russia that are excluded from the ban to employ new Turkish nationals in Russia from 1 January 2016, is adopted and includes 53 Russian legal entities and branches of Turkish companies.[3] The number of Turkish nationals employed by these companies after 1 January 2016 must not exceed the respective number as of 31 December 2015.

These special economic measures will apply until they are abolished by a presidential decree. White & Case is actively monitoring the developments.


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[1] - Our December 2015 Special Alerts on Decree No. 583 and Decree No. 669.
[2] - That is the date of the entry into force of the Government Resolution No. 1457.
[3] - The list can be found here:


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