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Russia Lifts the Majority of Economic Sanctions Against Turkey

On 31 May 2017 the Russian President signed Decree No. 244 lifting most of the special economic measures against Turkey. The Decree was followed by Russian Government Resolution No. 672 published on 2 June 2017.

Effective 10 June 2017, the Decree and the Resolution lifted most of the sanctions and restrictions that were introduced against the Republic of Turkey in December 20151; in particular:

1. Import of work/services: The ban on performing certain types of work/services (e.g., construction and engineering work; work/services for state or municipal purposes) by Turkish organizations and organizations controlled by Turkish organizations or Turkish nationals was cancelled.

2. Employment: All restrictions on employment in Russia of Turkish nationals were cancelled.

3. Import of goods: The list of goods which are banned from importation into Russia has been reduced to only one product—fresh or chilled tomatoes.2

4. Visa-free regime: While the suspension of the visa-free regime stays in force, the list of Turkish nationals who are excluded from these restrictions and are allowed to travel to Russia visa-free has been extended. The list now includes (in addition to the original list that included Turkish nationals with Russian residence permits or diplomatic passports): (i) Turkish nationals who are crew members on Turkish aircraft and (ii) Turkish nationals who hold so-called "service passports" and travel short-term for business purposes.3

We note that other restrictions (in the area of tourism, charter flights, road transportation and economic cooperation) were cancelled in the summer of 2016.4


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1 Please refer to our December 2015 Special Alerts Russia: Economic Sanctions on Turkey; Russia extends economic sanctions against Turkey and Russia Sets Economic Sanctions Against Turkey.
2 Resolution of the Russian Government No. 672 dated 2 June 2017.
3 Presidential Decree No. 244 dated 31 May 2017.
4 Resolutions of the Russian Government No. 706 dated 22 July 2016 and No. 846 dated 27 August 2016 (based on the Presidential Decree No. 314 dated 30 June 2016).


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