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Financial Regulatory Observer - February 2018

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The Financial Regulatory Observer regularly sets spotlights on selected topics driving the regulatory and technological changes in the financial industry.

EU banking supervision: What to expect in 2018

Dr. Andreas Wieland and Dr. Kirsten Donner

2018 will be a year of change, challenges and opportunities for banks and financial services providers.


Breaking the bonds that bind

Dr. Henning Berger and Dr. Martin Weber

Removing the sovereign-bank nexus should be a priority for policymakers before they press ahead with the European Banking Union.

European fintech: New rules on the way

Willem Van de Wiele

With fintechs attracting increasing interest from venture capitalists, growth in the M&A activity and partnerships with incumbents, 2018 is shaping up to be the year of the regulators.

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The year of blockchain: Global legal framework begins to take form

Kevin Petrasic, Adam Chernichaw, Matthew Bornfreund and Ajita Shukla

Virtual currency and blockchain (VC&B) technology are becoming an important component of the global financial system. Although VC&B were founded on a non-governmental philosophy, the technology is steadily gaining legitimacy.

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All change for Poland's banking market

Michał Jadwisiak

A raft of regulatory changes, both domestic and EU-related, is reshaping the Polish banking market. As the biggest economy in Central and Eastern Europe, any changes to its banking system will have an impact on the rest of the region. Here we explore some of the most important changes.

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