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EU Customs Practice Group: February – March 2012

EU Customs Practice Group: February – March 2012

In this issue:

(1) EU Customs Policy (Commission's proposal for amendment of the MCC; EP study on the implementation of the MCC)

(2) Tariffs (Update on duty suspensions/tariff quotas; Council and EP discuss EU GSP reform; FTA update)

(3) Classification (Classification Regulations; Additional Note for set-top boxes with a communication function; Nomenclature Committee)

(4) Origin (European Parliament and Council clear Convention on pan-Euro-Mediterranean rules of origin; Diagonal cumulation between the EU and Balkan states; Origin Committee meeting; First meeting of the Customs Committee of the EU-Korea FTA)

(5) Valuation (Valuation Committee)

(6) Procedures (CJEU rules that the lack of diligence on the part of the national customs authorities can justify the remission of a customs debt; Council adopts EU position to establish mutual recognition of the AEO/C-TPAT programmes; EU-Canada agreement on customs cooperation with respect to supply chain security; EU publishes amendments to TIR Convention)

(7) Miscellaneous (Report on mutual assistance for the recovery of claims relating to duties; Trade and Investment barriers Report 2012; EU list of authorities empowered to issue export licences for cultural goods; EU-China IPR Seminar; IMCO Committee Votes on Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights; ACTA ratification delayed in the EU; EU sanctions against Syria and Iran affecting imports/exports of goods; Updated Common Military List of the EU; Regulation establishing export authorisations and import and transit measures for arms and ammunition; EU measures on Japanese food and feed imports; WTO and OECD develop statistics on trade in value added; EU expresses concern over Argentina's trade restrictive measures; EU joint customs operation on smuggled cigarettes)


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