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EU Environment Report: July/August 2013

EU Environment Report: July/August 2013

In this issue…

European Chemicals Agency consults on BPA classification;
Norway proposes to restrict decaBDE; Danish register of goods containing nanomaterials

New eco-design measures for vacuum cleaners
Updated eco-design requirements for household electronics and televisions

New Directive published on regulating offshore oil and gas safety
Consultation on EU nuclear liability rules

Climate Change:
European Parliament approval of CO2 backloading
Member States add industrial sectors to EU carbon leakage list

Highest French court overturns Monsanto ban
New pesticide restriction agreed by Member States

The Months Ahead:
Workshops & Conferences

European Chemicals Agency consults on BPA classification
On 27 August, the European Chemicals Agency ("ECHA") launched a consultation on the classification of bisphenol A ("BPA"). This is a response to a proposal by France to change the current harmonized classification of BPA, as regards sexual function and fertility. Parties have until 11 October 2013 to respond to the consultation with their views on the proposal.

Norway proposes to restrict decaBDE
Norway has proposed to add decabromodiphenyl ether ("decaBDE") to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. In order to avoid confusion in relation to how the chemical will be regulated; the ECHA is now preparing a proposal to include the chemical in Annex XVII of the regulation, which deals with restrictions placed on dangerous substances. There will be future consultations on this restriction.

Danish register of goods containing nanomaterials
On 16 August, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA") concluded its consultation on a plan to create a register for all imports and Danish products that contain nanomaterials. Denmark hopes to publish regulations governing the register by the end of the year. It is expected that the register will mostly affect imports. The European Commission itself is consulting until 13 September on whether to create a reporting regime for nanomaterials within the REACH Regulation.

New eco-design measures for vacuum cleaners
On 13 July 2013, a Regulation concerning the eco-design of vacuum cleaners was published which establishes eco-design requirements and information to be provided to manufacturers, with the aim of making energy consumption of vacuum cleaners more efficient. The Regulation was adopted in the context of the EU Directive on eco-design requirements for energy-related products.

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