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World in Transition

It's not just the rate of change. Our World in Transition hub focuses on the potential for transformation in energy, ESG, finance, globalization and US policy.  

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Financial Times Moral Money Forum reports, in partnership with White & Case
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Cybersecurity: Legal implications and risk management

In an increasingly interconnected world, cyber risk is firmly at the top of the boardroom agenda, and having an effective data breach response programme is no longer optional.

Switzerland adopts new sanctions in line with the EU’s fifth package
United States Imposes Additional Sanctions and Enforces Export Controls Targeting Russia
EU’s Fifth Wave of Russia sanctions target Russian coal imports, Russia-related trusts and exclude Russian persons from EU road transport, public contracts and EU funding
US Imposes Additional Investment Restrictions, Other Sanctions, and Export Controls on Russia
US Regulators Seek to Prevent Use of Crypto to Circumvent Russia Sanctions
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In the wake of the pandemic, the world must chart a new course

Bill Emmott, who co-leads a nonprofit that studies the far-reaching effects of COVID-19, discusses the importance of business scenario planning

Switzerland Further Expands its Sanctions Against Russia
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ESG pressures fuel dealmaking

Companies across the globe are turning to M&A to fulfill their ESG ambitions while investors seek the steep returns on offer

New EU sanctions target Russian energy investments and supplies, imports of Russian steel, exports of luxury goods, and dealings with Russian SOEs
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At a crossroads: Europe’s auto sector borrowers face change and the effects of events in Ukraine

Vehicle sales rebounded strongly following lockdowns, but Europe’s automotive companies confront a period of significant change as governments phase out combustion engines, supply chain constraints bite and the impacts of events in Ukraine are felt  

Coronavirus Resource Center: Managing business impact and legal risks

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to escalate, ensuring wellbeing of employees is paramount, but it is not the only challenge. There is a vast sway of operational and legal issues that businesses must address, too.

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Responding to a cyber-incident
Delivering value and managing risks: how human rights are relevant for business
A global framework for managing disaster risk

We are assisting in the development of a Global Disaster Risk Management Law & Policy Index for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

Climate change litigation: A new class of action

As the number and type of climate-related claims against companies, governments and individuals increase worldwide, pressure is mounting on businesses to ramp up action.

Why you need cybersecurity risk management

Cyber risk — best practices for incident preparedness and response