AI regulation

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The European Commission is moving to regulate AI. The EC released draft regulations on artificial intelligence (AI) in April 2021. Similar to the effect of the GDPR on data privacy, if these AI regulations are enacted, they will likely become the global standard with which AI providers and users will need to comply in order to engage in multinational business activities. The EC's stated intent is to provide flexible rules, recognizing this is a young but rapidly growing technology, while desiring to avoid stifling innovation. Already, however, the lack of clarity in some of the key provisions of the draft regulations leads us to foresee that numerous areas for disagreement will arise. Also of note, the draft regulations attempt to define "high-risk" AI systems and to ban certain AI products and services if they contain content that is intended to manipulate behavior, opinions, or decisions or exploit vulnerable persons or groups.

In this webinar, Paris-based Intellectual Property and Information Technology Partner Bertrand Liard, Tokyo-based Partner Toshio Dokei, Senior Advisor Arthur M. Mitchell and Local Partner David Albagli introduced the areas of most concern to providers and users, and offer insights about how to proceed at this stage.

Kenneth Cukier, Senior Editor at The Economist, joined the webinar to provide comments on the implications of the AI regulation and share insights from his latest book, Framers: Human Advantage in an Age of Technology and Turmoil.

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