Litigating in the Modern World: A Practical Toolkit

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Dispute Resolution and Risk Briefings 2022

We are entering a new era for disputes, where claims are being pursued in novel ways and fought on multiple battlefields. Well-funded claimant law firms are exploiting new and developing areas of law to seek to hold companies liable across all aspects of their business and conduct, often mounting astute media campaigns to exert pressure and highlight the ethical arguments underlying the claims.

In this series of client briefings, we will look at some of the areas that provide particularly fertile ground for modern disputes and investigations. Each briefing will focus on practical guidance, and will draw heavily on our local and global experience. We will identify common pitfalls to avoid, and will share key practical tips and insights in relation to issues including:

  • Proactive risk management and reducing the risk of liability.
  • The effective handling of claims and investigations should they arise.
  • Horizon scanning and preparing for what may be coming next.