Awards & Ranking

62 White & Case Lawyers recognized as "Best Lawyers" by Handelsblatt

The Handelsblatt has published its 2020 list of Germany's best lawyers, based on research by US publisher Best Lawyers. In the current ranking, 62 White & Case lawyers from 30 legal fields are recommended, some in several practice areas.

Thomas Burmeister (Energy Law), Justus Herrlinger (Competition/Antitrust Law) and Jost Kotthoff (Outsourcing) were awarded the title "Lawyer of the Year 2021" in their respective fields.

The White & Case lawyers named are:

  • Christoph Arhold (Public Finance Law)
  • Jochen Artzinger-Bolten (Capital Markets Law, Debt and Equity)
  • Biner Bähr (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Bodo Bender (Tax Law)
  • Henning Berger (Insurance Law, Public Law)
  • Matthias Bochum (Banking and Finance Law)
  • Markus Burianski (Arbitration and Mediation, International Arbitration, Litigation)
  • Thomas Burmeister (Energy Law, Oil and Gas Law)
  • Nils Clemm (Criminal Defense)
  • Murad M. Daghles (Energy Law)
  • Florian Degenhardt (Project Finance and Development Practice)
  • Thilo Diehl (Capital Markets Law)
  • Rebecca Emory (Capital Markets Law)
  • Sylvia Fiebig (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Thomas Flatten (Banking and Finance Law, Capital Markets Law, Project Finance and Development Practice, Real Estate Law)
  • Detlev Gabel (Data Security and Privacy Law, Information Technology Law, Outsourcing, Technology Law)
  • Carola Glasauer (Corporate Law)
  • Matthias Grigoleit (Corporate Law)
  • Oliver Habighorst (Corporate Law)
  • Philipp Hackländer (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Tobias A. Heinrich (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
  • Justus Herrlinger (Competition / Antitrust Law)
  • Frank-Karl Heuchemer (Labor and Employment Law)
  • Dennis Heuer (Banking and Finance Law)
  • Jan-Philipp Hoos (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Riaz Janjuah (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Matthias Kasch (Financial Institutions)
  • Alexander Kiefner (Corporate Law)
  • Roger Kiem (Corporate Law, Financial Institutions, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Private Equity Law)
  • Matthias Kiesewetter (Capital Markets Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Private Equity Law)
  • Andreas Knebel (Tax Law)
  • Stefan Koch (Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Private Equity Law)
  • Jost Kotthoff (Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Outsourcing, Technology Law)
  • Jörg Kraffel (Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
  • Lutz Krämer (Capital Markets Law)
  • Tilman Kuhn (Competition / Antitrust Law)
  • Markus Langen (Litigation)
  • Bero-Alexander Lau (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Endrik Lettau (Real Estate Law)
  • Andreas M. Lischka (Banking and Finance Law)
  • Sylvia Lorenz (Data Security and Privacy Law, Intellectual Property Law)
  • Lucia Magelli (Banking and Finance Law)
  • Hermann Melnikov (Real Estate Law)
  • Markus Mette (Intellectual Property Law)
  • Barbara Mittelstaedt (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Martin Munz (Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law)
  • Carsten Rodemann (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
  • Hendrik Röger (Labor and Employment Law)
  • Bettina Schmudde (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Christoph Schulte-Kaubrügger (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Axel Schulz (Competition / Antitrust Law)
  • Hans-Georg Schulze (Energy Law)
  • Vanessa Schürmann (Banking and Finance Law, Capital Markets Law)
  • Sven-Holger Undritz (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Gernot Wagner (Capital Markets Law)
  • Norbert Wimmer (Energy Law, Environmental Law, Media Law, Public Law, Regulatory Practice)
  • Christian Wirth (Arbitration and Mediation, Insurance Law, Litigation)
  • Markus Wischemeyer (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Karsten Wöckener (Capital Markets Law)
  • Holger Wolf (Real Estate Law)
  • Karl-Jörg Xylander (Criminal Defense)
  • Florian Ziegler (Banking and Finance Law)