62 White & Case Lawyers recognized as "Best Lawyers" by Handelsblatt

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The Handelsblatt has published its 2020 list of Germany's best lawyers, based on research by US publisher Best Lawyers. In the current ranking, 62 White & Case lawyers from 30 legal fields are recommended, some in several practice areas.

Thomas Burmeister (Energy Law), Justus Herrlinger (Competition/Antitrust Law) and Jost Kotthoff (Outsourcing) were awarded the title "Lawyer of the Year 2021" in their respective fields.

The White & Case lawyers named are:

  • Christoph Arhold (Public Finance Law)
  • Jochen Artzinger-Bolten (Capital Markets Law, Debt and Equity)
  • Biner Bähr (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Bodo Bender (Tax Law)
  • Henning Berger (Insurance Law, Public Law)
  • Matthias Bochum (Banking and Finance Law)
  • Markus Burianski (Arbitration and Mediation, International Arbitration, Litigation)
  • Thomas Burmeister (Energy Law, Oil and Gas Law)
  • Nils Clemm (Criminal Defense)
  • Murad M. Daghles (Energy Law)
  • Florian Degenhardt (Project Finance and Development Practice)
  • Thilo Diehl (Capital Markets Law)
  • Rebecca Emory (Capital Markets Law)
  • Sylvia Fiebig (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Thomas Flatten (Banking and Finance Law, Capital Markets Law, Project Finance and Development Practice, Real Estate Law)
  • Detlev Gabel (Data Security and Privacy Law, Information Technology Law, Outsourcing, Technology Law)
  • Carola Glasauer (Corporate Law)
  • Matthias Grigoleit (Corporate Law)
  • Oliver Habighorst (Corporate Law)
  • Philipp Hackländer (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Tobias A. Heinrich (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
  • Justus Herrlinger (Competition / Antitrust Law)
  • Frank-Karl Heuchemer (Labor and Employment Law)
  • Dennis Heuer (Banking and Finance Law)
  • Jan-Philipp Hoos (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Riaz Janjuah (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Matthias Kasch (Financial Institutions)
  • Alexander Kiefner (Corporate Law)
  • Roger Kiem (Corporate Law, Financial Institutions, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Private Equity Law)
  • Matthias Kiesewetter (Capital Markets Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Private Equity Law)
  • Andreas Knebel (Tax Law)
  • Stefan Koch (Mergers and Acquisitions Law, Private Equity Law)
  • Jost Kotthoff (Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Outsourcing, Technology Law)
  • Jörg Kraffel (Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
  • Lutz Krämer (Capital Markets Law)
  • Tilman Kuhn (Competition / Antitrust Law)
  • Markus Langen (Litigation)
  • Bero-Alexander Lau (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Endrik Lettau (Real Estate Law)
  • Andreas M. Lischka (Banking and Finance Law)
  • Sylvia Lorenz (Data Security and Privacy Law, Intellectual Property Law)
  • Lucia Magelli (Banking and Finance Law)
  • Hermann Melnikov (Real Estate Law)
  • Markus Mette (Intellectual Property Law)
  • Barbara Mittelstaedt (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Martin Munz (Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law)
  • Carsten Rodemann (Mergers and Acquisitions Law)
  • Hendrik Röger (Labor and Employment Law)
  • Bettina Schmudde (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Christoph Schulte-Kaubrügger (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Axel Schulz (Competition / Antitrust Law)
  • Hans-Georg Schulze (Energy Law)
  • Vanessa Schürmann (Banking and Finance Law, Capital Markets Law)
  • Sven-Holger Undritz (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Gernot Wagner (Capital Markets Law)
  • Norbert Wimmer (Energy Law, Environmental Law, Media Law, Public Law, Regulatory Practice)
  • Christian Wirth (Arbitration and Mediation, Insurance Law, Litigation)
  • Markus Wischemeyer (Restructuring and Insolvency Law)
  • Karsten Wöckener (Capital Markets Law)
  • Holger Wolf (Real Estate Law)
  • Karl-Jörg Xylander (Criminal Defense)
  • Florian Ziegler (Banking and Finance Law)

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