Stakebuilding: A multi-jurisdictional guide for investors

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The COVID-19 outbreak continues to provoke market volatility and we believe that, in the coming weeks and months, significant opportunities will arise for holders and managers of private capital to invest into the capital structure of companies at historically low valuations. One such opportunity is for investors to build a significant minority position by stakebuilding. 

There are many important considerations to bear in mind when considering how to build a position in a public company. Considerations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and are impacted by the relevant local legal regimes.

White & Case and Georgeson have prepared a multi-jurisdictional guide to stakebuilding to assist investors in navigating the relevant regulatory disclosures and approvals. As a regular advisor to both public companies and investors, White & Case is uniquely placed to give clients valuable tactical and strategic insight. Georgeson is a global expert in shareholder engagement and the world's foremost provider of strategic shareholder services to corporations and shareholder groups working to influence corporate strategy.

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