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White & Case Partners Named to New University Leadership Roles

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White & Case partners Carolyn B. Lamm and Jonathan C. Hamilton have been named to important leadership positions at the University of Miami School of Law, deepening the firm's involvement in the school's leading program in international arbitration education. Carolyn was named the Distinguished Faculty Chair of the White & Case LL.M. in International Arbitration, and Jonathan was named the Distinguished Faculty Chair of the International Arbitration Institute. "We are expanding the curriculum of the LL.M. program in International Arbitration to include even more global luminaries and more diverse topics vital to the future of international arbitration," said Lamm. Drawing on years of experience as professors, they will focus on expanding the law school arbitration curriculum with the participation of additional world-class arbitration experts, and expanding the impact of the Institute through timely thought leadership, beginning with a focus on the evolution of Latin American Arbitration. "We are leading the way of current trends in international arbitration. The International Arbitration Institute is launching a new Arbitration Day and an exciting new annual thought leadership project, beginning with comparative perspectives on the evolution of Latin American Arbitration," said Hamilton.


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