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Sustainability-linked bonds, including an issuer’s perspective: H&M’s debut

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This webinar featured our client H&M, who provided insights of their journey through their issuance of sustainability linked bonds (SLBs), followed by a White & Case panel discussing the current market for SLBs, the challenges and benefits of SLBs and the future outlook.

Watch in full: Sustainability-linked bonds, including an issuer’s perspective: H&M's debut ›



Richard Pogrel
  Richard Pogrel, Partner, White & Case, London
Debashis Dey
  Debashis Dey, Partner, White & Case, London/Dubai
Michael Bark Jones
  Michael Bark-Jones, Counsel, White & Case, Stockholm
Xuan Jin
  Xuan Jin, Counsel, White & Case, Hong Kong SAR, Dubai
Pietro Magnahi   Pietro Jose Magnaghi, Associate, White & Case, Milan
Carl Gemzell
  Carl Gemzell, Group Treasurer, H&M
Liza Spetz
  Lisa Spetz, Treasury-Sustainability, H&M



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