Content and non-privacy data regulation


Content regulation advisory

White & Case provides global content regulation, compliance and product advice for multiple online platforms and intermediary service providers. We work with legal, policy, product, engineering, marketing, sales and communications teams for the full life cycle of laws and regulations—from when they are first proposed to when they are finally interpreted by courts and regulators. In 2023 alone, our team counseled tech clients on more than 30 content-regulation laws and regulations, including extensively advising on the EU's Digital Services Act.

We partner with clients to devise commercial, risk-based global compliance strategies, leveraging our unparalleled experience in efficiently tracking and analyzing regulatory developments across the world, creating uniform processes and methodologies to rank priorities, and standardizing cross-practice legal analyses. We also work with clients to leverage this analysis in the development and launch of new products and risk mitigations.

Non-privacy data regulation

Our team also regularly advises clients on non-privacy data issues, including:

  • Content regulation, including:
    • Online safety requirements
    • Prohibited content rules
    • “Fake news”
    • Hate speech
    • Terrorist content
    • "Influencer" regulations
  • Non-privacy data regulation: The EU Data Act, Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act
  • Data ownership and intellectual property
  • Compliance with election laws on social media platforms
  • Communications, broadcasting and telecoms regulation


Providing full coverage

The White & Case Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity team also specializes in the following areas:

Privacy advisory and compliance

Cybersecurity advisory and compliance

Privacy and cybersecurity litigation

Incident response

AI regulatory


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