Financial Regulatory Observer
June 2018

The Financial Regulatory Observer regularly sets spotlights on selected topics driving the regulatory and technological changes in the financial industry.

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Modernizing Europe's regulatory framework for outsourcing

Digital transformation has become a key topic across financial institutions' board rooms. Yet the regulatory framework for the implementation of technological innovations still lags behind.

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digital financial stock display

US cross-border securities: Buyer (and seller) beware

As technology removes physical borders from the securities industry, international financial institutions must remain vigilant to ensure their business activities do not violate US regulations.

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CFPB models softer face in Mulvaney makeover

An overhaul of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by its acting head has ruffled feathers and heralded a less aggressive enforcement regime.

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paper money details

Cracking the EU's NPL reforms

A package of reforms aimed at tackling non-performing loans will have far-reaching consequences for European banks.

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