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White & Case assists clients in carrying out global business in compliance with economic sanctions, export controls, and national security restrictions imposed by the United Nations, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and other nations throughout the world.

This site provides information and perspectives about international sanctions developments that could affect governments and their state-owned entities, multinational corporations and financial institutions, and global business operations more generally. This page will be updated as events unfold, and we encourage you to visit often. We welcome any questions about the topics covered here.


International Sanctions Alerts

Ukraine News Updates (ongoing)

Iran News Updates (ongoing)

US Enacts "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" Expanding Its Russia, Iran, and North Korea Sanctions Programs (August 2017)

United States Announces New Cuba Policy (June 2017)

EU Rosneft judgment clarifies bank transfers are not sanctioned "financial assistance" (March 2017)

United States Issues Executive Order, General License Easing Sudan Sanctions (January 2017)

US Expands Cyber-Related Sanctions Executive Order and Designates Russian Parties (January 2017)

US Issues Additional Russian/Ukrainian Designations and New General License, EU Extends Sanctions Targeting Russia (December, 2016)

US Further Liberalizes Cuba Sanctions and Export Controls (October 24, 2016)

US Terminates Burma Sanctions Program, Accompanied by Limited FinCEN Relief (October 13, 2016)

US Significantly Expands Sanctions Targeting North Korea (March 18, 2016)

US Further Liberalizes Cuba Sanctions (March 16, 2016)

EU Lifts (and Extends) Sanctions against Belarus and Zimbabwe (February 29, 2016)

Russia: Economic Sanctions on Turkey (December 31, 2015)

Russia extends economic sanctions against Turkey (December 30, 2015)

Russia Sets Economic Sanctions Against Turkey (December 2, 2015)

EU and US Take Actions to Ease Belarus Sanctions (November 2, 2015)

US Implements Additional Measures to Liberalize Cuba Sanctions (September 29, 2015)

Cuba No Longer Designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism (May 29, 2015)

US Issues Executive Order to Impose Venezuela Sanctions and Designates Seven Individuals (March 10, 2015)

US State Department Issues Section 515.582 List Regarding Authorization of Imports of Certain Goods and Services Produced by Independent Cuban Entrepreneurs (February 18, 2015)

US Implements Measures to Liberalize Cuba Sanctions and Export Controls (January 19, 2015)

US Issues Executive Order Imposing Sanctions with Respect to North Korea in Response to Recent Provocations (January 5, 2015)

US Authorizes Sanctions and Export Controls Against Venezuela (December 31, 2014)

US Announces Liberalization of Cuba Sanctions Policy (December 17, 2014)

New Executive Order Targeting Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Central African Republic and Designating Five Individuals (May 13,2014)

New Executive Order Targeting Persons Responsible for the Situation in South Sudan (April 3, 2014)

EU lifts sanctions against Burma/Myanmar, eases measures against Syria and Libya, and tightens sanctions against North Korea (April 24, 2013)

EU updates sanctions measures against Syria, North Korea and Zimbabwe (March 4, 2013)


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