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GIR's Guide to Sanctions (First Edition)

White & Case sanctions lawyers authored two chapters in Global Investigation Review's inaugural Guide to Sanctions, covering "Key Sanctions Issues Arising in Civil Litigation and Arbitration" and "EU Restrictive Measures".

This guide provides a pragmatic overview of issues raised by the rapid increase of sanctions regimes and investigations globally.

White & Case authored chapters include discussions of:

  • key sanctions issues in litigation
  • if sanctions designations can be challenged in US courts
  • the types of cases filed in US courts against sanctioned parties, or that involve sanctions issues
  • how arbitration's intersection with sanctions differs from litigation's
  • the legal framework of EU sanctions
  • the EU sanctions jurisdiction
  • EU's main sanctions regimes
  • EU sanctions-related concepts 


View the "Key Sanctions Issues Arising in Civil Litigation and Arbitration" chapter here

View the "EU Restrictive Measures" chapter here

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Accreditation: An extract from the first edition of The Guide to Sanctions. The whole publication is available at


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