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The Ukraine News Update provides information and perspectives about events in the region that affect businesses and other institutions globally. This page will be updated as events unfold, and we encourage you to visit often. We welcome any questions about the topics covered here.


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August 2018

EU Adds Six Companies to Ukraine-Related Asset Freeze List

January 2018

EU gradually expands sanctions on North Korea and Venezuela, amends Ukraine sanctions

November 2017

State Department Identifies Parties Operating in Defense and Intelligence Sectors of Russian Federation

October 2017

EU expands sanctions against North Korea, as well as Russia and Libya

US Amends Russia Sanctions Directives on Debt for Financial and Energy Sectors

August 2017

US Enacts "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" Expanding Its Russia, Iran, and North Kore Sanctions Programs

March 2017

EU Rosneft judgment clarifies bank transfers are not sanctioned "financial assistance"

January 2017

US Expands Cyber-Related Sanctions Executive Order and Designates Russian Parties

December  2016

US Issues Additional Russian/Ukrainian Designations and New General License, EU Extends Sanctions Targeting Russia

September 2016

US Designates Additional Russian and Ukrainian Individuals and Entities, Issues New General License

December 2015

US Designates Additional Russian and Ukrainian Individuals and Entities

July 2015

US Issues Crimea Sanctions Advisory, Designates Additional Russian and Ukrainian Individuals and Entities

June 2015

EU continues sanctions against Russia and Crimea into 2016

March 2015

US Imposes Additional Ukraine/Russia-Related Sanctions By Designating Individuals and Entities Pursuant to Executive Orders 13660 and 13685

EU asset freeze developments: Ukraine state fund misappropriation list, Syria, Libya

February 2015

EU adds more separatists and five Russian officials to Ukraine-related asset freeze list

After a busy 2014 for sanctions, what can we expect in 2015?

Crimea-related Developments: OFAC Issues Authorizations for Certain Crimea-related Communications Activity and Personal Remittances; BIS Imposes License Requirement for Exports to Crimea

December 2014

OFAC Issues General License Authorizing Certain Activities Necessary to Wind Down Operations Involving Crimea

US Issues Executive Order Prohibiting Crimea-Related Transactions and General License No. 4 Authorizing Humanitarian Exports to the Crimea Region, and Expands Ukraine-Related Designations

EU extends Crimea sanctions: broad ban on investment, exports and tourism

President Signs Russia Sanctions Law But Does Not Intend To Impose New Sanctions At This Time

EU clarifies - and narrows the scope of - its Russia sanctions

November 2014

EU Adds Separatist Names to Ukraine-Related Asset Freeze List

September 2014

United States Tightens Sanctions Against Russian Financial, Defense, and Energy Sectors

New EU Russia sanctions: ban on oil project services; wider capital market sanctions (loans and credit, shorter-term equity, with 6 new defense/energy companies); dual-use export ban for 9 companies; 24 more people on asset freeze

August 2014

EU Sanctions Against Russia: Possible Effects on Aircraft Sector

OFAC Issues Revised Guidance on Aggregation of Ownership Interests

US Expands Export Restrictions on Russia and Targets Russian Energy Sector

July 2014

EU Imposes Targeted Russia Sanctions (Banks, Arms and Oil Sectors); Imposes Crimea/Sevastopol Trade/Investment Restrictions and Adds Russian Names to Asset Freeze List

United States Issues Further Sanctions Targeting Russian Financial, Defense and Energy Sectors

EU Adds Names to Ukraine Sanctions and Widens Criteria in Preparation for Further Sanctions, Possibly this Week; Prolongs Iran Sanctions Relaxation and Adds More Names to Syria Sanctions List

US Imposes Sectoral Sanctions on Russian Financial and Energy Companies, Expands Ukraine-Related Designations and Adds Further Restrictions on Exports to Russia

EU Adds 11 'Rebel' Names to Ukraine List, Introduces South Sudan Asset Freeze

June 2014

EU Updates Sanctions Against Libya and Syria, and Introduces Import Ban for Crimean Products

The United States Designates Seven Individuals Under Executive Order 13660 Relating to Separatist Activity in Ukraine

May 2014

EU broadens Ukraine sanctions and adds two companies and 13 individuals to sanctions list

Ukraine-related sanctions: Key issues for financial institutions

Ukraine-related sanctions: Key issues for companies

April 2014

Pulling the Purse Strings: Ukraine Forum on Asset Recovery Pursues Funds of Former Senior Government Officials

EU Adds 15 Persons to Ukraine-Related Asset Freeze List and Travel Ban, But Holds Off Imposing Broader Economic Sanctions

The United States Designates Seven Russian Individuals and Seventeen Companies under Executive Order 13661, Imposes Additional Export Restrictions

EU Expands Ukraine-Related Asset Freeze List to Four More Persons, Work on Possible Russia Sanctions Continues

The United States Designates Seven Additional Ukrainian Individuals and One Energy Company under Executive Order 13660

Ukraine-related sanctions – a month in: Key issues for financial institutions

Ukraine-related sanctions – a month in: Key issues for companies

Ukraine Sanctions and Aid Bill Passes into Law

March 2014

US Issues Second Executive Order, Designates Ukrainian and Russian Officials

EU imposes sanctions on 21 politicians and military officers from Russia and Crimea

Ukraine and US Energy Export Restrictions: Will Geopolitics Bring Reform?

US Suspends Dual-Use Export Licensing for Exports and Re-Exports to Russia

EU Adds 12 Individuals (Politicians, Military and One Journalist) to Ukraine Sanctions, More Sanctions May Follow

Ukrainian Merger Control Update: Will the Recent Upheaval Cause Problems for Global Deals?

US Designates Additional Individuals and Russian Bank under Ukraine-Related Sanctions and Issues Third Executive Order Targeting Sectors of Russian Economy

Expanded US and EU Sanctions Relating to Ongoing Events in Ukraine and Russia

US Issues New Executive Order Targeting Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine

EU Responds to Ukrainian Crisis by Imposing Asset Freeze on 18 Politicians, Family Members and Businessmen


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