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EU prolongs sanctions against Belarus for one year

EU prolongs sanctions against Belarus for one year

On 15 October 2012, the Council of the European Union (EU) decided to prolong the existing sanctions imposed against Belarus until 31 October 2013. The Council's Decision follows the Parliamentary elections in Belarus on 23 September 2012, which were said to take place against "an overall background of repression".

The EU Belarus sanctions regime has been in force since May 2006 and applies within the EU territory, to nationals of EU Member States (regardless of whether they are located inside or outside the EU territory) and on board vessels and aircraft under Member State jurisdiction. It also applies to companies incorporated or registered under the law of an EU Member State and to other non-EU companies in respect of business done in whole or in part within the EU. This means that even non-EU companies can be covered by EU sanctions, depending on the circumstances under which they perform business activities in the EU and how they are connected to any activities restricted by the EU Belarus sanctions regime.

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