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Benchmarking Public-Private Partnerships Procurement 2017: Morocco

Paule Biensan and François-Guilhem Vaissier answered to a detailed questionnaire relating to Morocco for the Benchmarking Public-Private Partnerships Procurement 2017. Produced by the World Bank Group and cofinanced by the Public-Private Infrastructure Facility (PPIAF), this report assesses important aspects of government capabilities to prepare, procure, and manage PPPs and informs evidence based decision making on the design of PPP procurement policies and regulations.

It is the first attempt to collect systematic data on PPP procurement by providing comparable data on the regulatory frameworks governing the PPP procurement processes in 82 economies and to evaluate these data against internationally recognized good practices.

The methodology was developed with extensive feedback from an expert group representing PPP experts, academia, and the private sector. It focuses on issues such as feasibility, value for money, transparency, competition, and provisions for PPP implementation and covers the main stages of the PPP project cycle (preparation, procurement, and contract management). It also explores the treatment of unsolicited proposals (USPs).


Click here to the PDF version of the Benchmarking Public-Private Partnerships Procurement 2017.


As the authors are French lawyers registered at the Paris bar, the answers to the questionnaires relating to Morocco are based on their knowledge of the applicable regulations and on their experience of PPP projects implemented in this country. The accuracy of these answers remains however subject to the confirmation by lawyers duly registered in Morocco.

This publication is provided for your convenience and does not constitute legal advice. This publication is protected by copyright.