Mugabe's Downfall Gives Zimbabwe a Golden Opportunity

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Robert Mugabe's resignation as the president of Zimbabwe has left the country in a state of hope yet uncertainty, with some wondering if the ZANU–PF party will use President Emmerson Mnangagwa to rule the country. However, one key possibility for the country's future lies in arm's reach: economic growth through foreign investment. Johannesburg-based White & Case partner Joz Coetzer "says that they have already had inquiries from clients interested in energy (including renewables) and mining" and said: "South Africa has always had good relations with Zimbabwe and a lot of South African corporations would be interested in investing further in the country." Additionally, London-based White & Case partner Melissa Butler said: "With increasing globalisation, we don't see Chinese investment as a bad thing. The Brics—notably Brazil and China—are increasingly active in south-to-south investment across the whole of the southern Africa region." Click here to read more (paywall).

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